1. Each member of the team wears a mask, gloves for any transfer of material whatsoever and records his temperature when he takes up his post and his debauchery.

2. The establishment's cleaning and disinfection protocols have been modified and reinforced with virucide cleaning products.

3. The single occupational risk assessment document is up to date on measures to prevent the risks of contamination and contagion.

4. Floor staff are individually equipped with disposable masks, gloves.

5. Automatic dispensers of hydro-alcoholic gel are installed at staff crossing points and in common areas for customers.

6. Payment by bank card is preferred, the payment terminals have been changed so that the customer inserts his bank card himself.

Ces mesures sanitaires sont spécifiques à l’accueil de la clientèle sous réserve de modifications. 

Ce document est établi pour limiter les risques de propagation du virus COVID 19 à l’intérieur de l’établissement afin de préserver la sécurité sanitaire de la clientèle et du personnel de l’hôtel.